Re-discover the peace of nature and feel the freedom riding an inclusive, secure Pod

Re-discover the peace of nature and feel
the freedom riding an inclusive, secure Pod

“Climate change is a massive threat to the public and private infrastructure that underpins Canada’s prosperity. The challenge for governments today is to rapidly shift how infrastructure decisions are made in ways that factor in a changing climate. If these investments are planned wisely, Canada’s infrastructure can be the foundation of a resilient, low-carbon future.”

Ryan Ness, Adaptation Research Director, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Save Time

Commuting via Trellis is up to 70% faster than traditional public transit, resulting in an entire month of saved awake time per year.


Environmentally friendly

Trellis is electric, lightweight and made of durable composite materials, with a low environmental footprint over its long service life.



Trellis brings a new perspective to the cost of public transit. Instead of costing the taxpayer money, the system is both profitable and efficient.



Is it possible to efficiently move people, goods & services in ever more congested urban areas?

Our mission is to eliminate the transportation crisis by providing a faster, cleaner, and cheaper system than existing systems while simultaneously connecting people, goods, and services in a way never seen before.

Time saving0%

How can Trellis be part of your life?

Useful time

Use your time productively, working, reading a book or resting. Don’t worry about traffic. 

Helpful time

Save time, shop online and pick it up at the next available pod.

Precious time

Your time is precious. Use Trellis, save time and enjoy as you prefer!

What is Trellis?

Trellis is a hyper-efficient, ultra-lightweight autonomous elevated micro-rail transit system that obliterates, once and for all, legacy transit’s need for tarmac and concrete arteries.

How does it work?

People, goods and services travel efficiently on composite Trellis pods on tracks just above street traffic. Pods move from any stop on the micro-rail network to any other stop, autonomously traversing many switches and intelligent raised switches to minimize the total length of the journey.
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